ZeeMee Roommate Matching Feature For College Students

According to students, your roommate can make or break your college experience.

How might we create a roommate matching tool that is easy to fill out and will curate high-quality matches so students can focus on academics?

User: High School Seniors and College Students.

My Role: As the Design Feature Focal, I interviewed students, created surveys, ideated with the team, created UX flows, prototypes and tested them with users. I also created all fo the iconography and illustrations for this feature.

Scope: Six-month deadline to complete a total of three new features.



I moderated student interviews, small group discussions, surveys, and competitive analysis of existing tools.

" Tell me about how you found your roommate?

What do you wish you knew about your roommate before you moved in?

What do you appreciate about your roommate?"

Other Roommate Matching Tools


Participated in infinity clustering and priority matrix workshops.

Infinity Cluster

Sketching Workshop With The Design Team, Head Of Product, And Head Of Engineer

Sketching Workshop

User Testing

We set up two rounds of usability tests with 12 students. These helped us identify some problem areas around copy, iconography, and usability. This allowed us to first identify the problems, iterate and then test again to validate our changes.

User Testing

High Fidelity Designs

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Roommate Matching Quiz
Roommate Matching Quiz
Roommate Matching


College partnerships grew from 12 to 200 partnerships


User rating increased from 4.3 to 4.5

Time on app increased by 32%

Next steps: Tracked data around engagement per feature, time spent, drop off rates and completion rates for one admissions cycle to create a benchmark and keep improving the app.